Sabine Neches PORTS®, NOAA/NOS
2024-02-28 22:59 CST
Data Types
Water Levels
Air/Water Temp
Barometric Pressure
Water Levels (above MLLW)
Sabine Offshore Lig.. 0.1 ft Falling
Texas Point, Sabine.. 0.4 ft Steady
Rainbow Bridge 0.4 ft Falling
Port Arthur 0.2 ft Falling
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Name Wind from Gusts to
Texas Point, Sabine.. 15 kn NNE 18
Port Arthur 14 kn NNE 21
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Air/Water Temp
Name Air Temp Water Temp
Texas Point, Sabine.. 54 °F 65 °F
Port Arthur 55 °F 63 °F
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Barometric Pressure
Texas Point, Sabine.. 1023 mb Rising
Port Arthur 1024 mb Rising
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Currents (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards °T
Cheniere LNG 1.3 kn E154.0
Port Arthur 1.2 kn E215.0
Port of Beaumont 1.0 kn E107.0
Rainbow Bridge 0.4 kn E89.0
West Port Arthur Br.. 0.6 kn F252.0
Sabine Front Range 1.5 kn E146.0
USCG Sabine 0.5 kn E152.0
Sab. Bank Ch LBB 34 0.9 kn F213.0
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