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2023-05-28 14:23 EDT
Data Types
Water Levels
Air/Water Temp
Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Salinity/Specific Gravity
Water Levels (above MLLW)
Quonset Point 3.1 ft Rising
Providence 3.6 ft Rising
Conimicut Light 3.3 ft Rising
Newport 2.9 ft Rising
Fall River 3.5 ft Rising
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Name Wind from Gusts to
Davisville 12 kn S 16
Quonset Point 11 kn SW 13
Providence 8 kn SW 12
Providence Visibili.. 9 kn S 12
Prudence Island 7 kn SW 12
Conimicut Light 18 kn SW 18
Newport 15 kn SSW 17
Borden Flats Light 13 kn SSW 16
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Air/Water Temp
Name Air Temp Water Temp
Davisville 77 °F  
Quonset Point 73 °F 62 °F
Providence 82 °F 59 °F
Providence Visibili.. 75 °F  
Prudence Island 73 °F  
Conimicut Light 69 °F 65 °F
Newport 64 °F 62 °F
Sandy Point, Pruden.. 65 °F  
Fall River Visibili.. 77 °F  
Borden Flats Light 74 °F  
Fall River 78 °F 64 °F
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Relative Humidity
Davisville 33%
Providence Visibili.. ***%
Sandy Point, Pruden.. 85%
Fall River Visibili.. 34%
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Barometric Pressure
Davisville 1017 mb Falling
Quonset Point 1018 mb Falling
Providence 1015 mb Falling
Providence Visibili.. 1018 mb Falling
Prudence Island 1018 mb Falling
Conimicut Light 1017 mb Falling
Newport 1018 mb Falling
Borden Flats Light 1018 mb Falling
Fall River 1018 mb Falling
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Providence Visibili.. 5.40 nm
Sandy Point, Pruden.. 5.40 nm
Fall River Visibili.. 5.40 nm
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Salinity/Specific Gravity
Station Salin. S.G.
Quonset Point 19.0 psu 1.014
Newport 33.5 psu 1.025
Fall River 24.9 psu 1.019
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Currents (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards °T
Providence (pred) 0.1 kn S341.0
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