Jacksonville PORTS®, NOAA/NOS
2017-06-28 13:24 EDT
Data Types
Water Levels
Air/Water Temp
Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Salinity/Specific Gravity
Air Gap/Bridge Clearance
Water Levels (above MLLW)
Mayport Bar Pilots .. 5.4 ft Rising
Dames Point 4.1 ft Rising
Southbank Riverwalk 2.5 ft Rising
Rudder Club, I-295 .. 1.5 ft Rising
Red Bay Point *** ft
Racy Point 0.7 ft Falling
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Name Wind from Gusts to
Navy Fuel Depot 15 kn ENE 17
Mayport Bar Pilots .. 13 kn ENE 16
Blount Island Comma.. 10 kn E 14
Rudder Club, I-295 .. 11 kn ENE 14
Red Bay Point *** kn *** ***
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Air/Water Temp
Name Air Temp Water Temp
Navy Fuel Depot 82 °F  
Mayport Bar Pilots .. 81 °F 80 °F
Blount Island Comma.. 82 °F  
Dames Point   83 °F
Little Jetties 81 °F  
Jacksonville Univer..   85 °F
Rudder Club, I-295 .. 83 °F 85 °F
Red Bay Point *** °F *** °F
Racy Point   85 °F
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Relative Humidity
Navy Fuel Depot 76%
Blount Island Comma.. 86%
Little Jetties 78%
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Barometric Pressure
Navy Fuel Depot 1020 mb Rising
Mayport Bar Pilots .. 1020 mb Rising
Blount Island Comma.. 1021 mb Rising
Rudder Club, I-295 .. 1019 mb Rising
Red Bay Point *** mb
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Navy Fuel Depot 5.40 nm
Blount Island Comma.. 5.40 nm
Little Jetties 5.40 nm
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Salinity/Specific Gravity
Station Salin. S.G.
Mayport Bar Pilots ..33.6 psu 1.02
Dames Point 18.8 psu 1.01
Jacksonville Univer..10.4 psu 1.0
Rudder Club, I-295 ..3.6 psu 1.0
Red Bay Point *** psu ***
Racy Point 0.4 psu 1.0
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Air Gap/Bridge Clearance (above water)
Dames Point Bridge *** ft
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Currents (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards °T
St Johns River LBB 6 0.7 kn F172.0
Mayport Basin PC LBB 0.8 kn F287.0
Trout River Cut LB .. 1.2 kn F194.0
Fulton Cutoff LB 34 1.6 kn F271.0
Dames Point Bridge,.. 1.5 kn F258.0
Mile Point LB 24 0.4 kn F282.0
Acosta Bridge 1.7 kn F257.0
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