Chesapeake Bay North PORTS®, NOAA/NOS
2018-10-15 09:32 EDT
Data Types
Water Levels
Air/Water Temp
Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Salinity/Specific Gravity
Air Gap/Bridge Clearance
Water Levels (above MLLW)
Reedy Point 2.0 ft Falling
Chesapeake City 1.8 ft Falling
Baltimore 2.1 ft Rising
Tolchester Beach 2.2 ft
Annapolis 2.2 ft Rising
Washington D.C. 2.0 ft
Dahlgren 2.7 ft Falling
Solomons Island 2.1 ft Falling
Lewisetta 2.1 ft Falling
Windmill Point 1.4 ft Falling
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Name Wind from Gusts to
Chesapeake City 2 kn SW 7
Baltimore 4 kn WSW 7
NE Tower 6 kn SW 14
Francis Scott Key B.. 7 kn SSW 8
Tolchester Beach 11 kn SSW 18
Washington D.C. *** kn *** ***
Cove Point LNG Pier 13 kn SW 16
Dahlgren 4 kn SW 6
Solomons Island 9 kn SW 13
Piney Point 3 kn W 5
Lewisetta 10 kn SW 12
Rapp. Lt Front Range 21 kn SSW 24
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Air/Water Temp
Name Air Temp Water Temp
Reedy Point 59 °F 68 °F
Chesapeake City 60 °F 68 °F
Baltimore 60 °F 71 °F
NE Tower 60 °F  
Francis Scott Key B.. 60 °F  
Tolchester Beach 62 °F 65 °F
Chesapeake Bay Brid.. 63 °F  
Annapolis 62 °F  
Washington D.C. *** °F 68 °F
Cove Point LNG Pier 62 °F  
Dahlgren 61 °F 66 °F
Solomons Island 63 °F 72 °F
Lewisetta 63 °F 68 °F
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Relative Humidity
Chesapeake Bay Brid.. 99%
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Barometric Pressure
Reedy Point 1019 mb Falling
Chesapeake City 1020 mb Falling
Baltimore 1019 mb Falling
NE Tower 1019 mb Falling
Francis Scott Key B.. 1019 mb Falling
Tolchester Beach 1020 mb Falling
Annapolis 1019 mb Falling
Washington D.C. *** mb
Cove Point LNG Pier 1021 mb Falling
Dahlgren 1020 mb Falling
Solomons Island 1021 mb Falling
Lewisetta 1020 mb Falling
Rapp. Lt Front Range 1022 mb Falling
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Chesapeake Bay Brid.. 3.80 nm
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Salinity/Specific Gravity
Station Salin. S.G.
Chesapeake City 0.2 psu 1.0
Baltimore *** psu ***
Lewisetta 4.0 psu 1.0
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Air Gap/Bridge Clearance (above water)
Reedy Point Bridge 139.3 ft Incr.
Ches. City Bridge 142.0 ft Incr.
Francis Scott Key B.. 184.1 ft Decr.
Chesapeake Bay Brdg 185.0 ft Stdy.
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Currents (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards °T
Reedy Point (pred) 1.9 kn E179.0
Chesapeake City Cur.. 0.4 kn F87.0
Tolch. Front Range *** kn
Chesapeake Ch LBB 92 0.5 kn F19.0
Cove Point LNG Pier.. *** kn
Potomac R MCh LWB B *** kn
Rapp. Shl Ch LBB 60 0.3 kn E151.0
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