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2024-06-12 19:23 CDT
Data Types
Water Levels
Air/Water Temp
Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Salinity/Specific Gravity
Water Levels (above MLLW)
USS Lexington 0.9 ft Steady
Enbridge 0.9 ft Falling
Nueces Bay 1.2 ft Falling
Aransas, Aransas Pa.. 1.3 ft Steady
Port Aransas 1.2 ft Falling
Viola Turning Basin 1.2 ft Rising
La Quinta Ch. North 1.1 ft Falling
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Name Wind from Gusts to
Enbridge 9 kn ESE 11
Nueces Bay 13 kn ESE 15
Aransas, Aransas Pa.. 10 kn ENE 11
Port Aransas 8 kn E 10
Viola Turning Basin 8 kn E 13
La Quinta Ch. North 11 kn ESE 13
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Air/Water Temp
Name Air Temp Water Temp
Aransas Pass Ch. En.. *** °F *** °F
Texas State Aquariu.. 87 °F  
USS Lexington *** °F 91 °F
Tule Lake Visibility 87 °F  
Enbridge 86 °F 89 °F
Nueces Bay   92 °F
Aransas, Aransas Pa.. 86 °F 87 °F
Port Aransas 87 °F 88 °F
UTMSI Visibility 87 °F  
Harbor Island Visib.. 88 °F  
Viola Turning Basin 88 °F 90 °F
La Quinta Ch. North 87 °F 90 °F
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Relative Humidity
Texas State Aquariu.. 83%
Tule Lake Visibility 75%
Enbridge 84%
UTMSI Visibility 73%
Harbor Island Visib.. 80%
Viola Turning Basin 70%
La Quinta Ch. North 79%
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Barometric Pressure
Texas State Aquariu.. 1010 mb Rising
USS Lexington 1010 mb Rising
Tule Lake Visibility 1010 mb Rising
Enbridge 1010 mb Falling
Nueces Bay 1010 mb Rising
Aransas, Aransas Pa.. 1010 mb Falling
Port Aransas 1011 mb Falling
UTMSI Visibility 1009 mb Falling
Harbor Island Visib.. *** mb
Viola Turning Basin 1010 mb Rising
La Quinta Ch. North 1010 mb Falling
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Texas State Aquariu.. 5.40 nm
Tule Lake Visibility 5.40 nm
Enbridge 5.40 nm
UTMSI Visibility 5.40 nm
Harbor Island Visib.. 5.40 nm
Viola Turning Basin 5.40 nm
La Quinta Ch. North 5.40 nm
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Salinity/Specific Gravity
Station Salin. S.G.
Viola Turning Basin 16.4 psu 1.008
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Currents (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards °T
UTMSI Fisheries and.. 0.6 kn E74.0
Harbor Is. Currents 0.4 kn E144.0
Enbridge Currents *** kn
UTMSI Research Pier 0.8 kn E123.0
Aransas Pass LB 6 *** kn
AP Buoy 0.4 kn E40.0
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Aransas Pass Ch. En.. *** ft***°T*** s
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